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Peacher 1950 Chevy Convertible

Rodger Peacher's 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe Convertible.

We met Rodger and his mildly customized 1950 at a Cruise In put on by Memory Lane Cruisers in Clarksville, Tennessee. The date is 9-5-09.

It is rare to see a 49-52 Chevy Convertible, so we were naturally drawn to the car.

I walked around the car and really liked what I saw. After introductions, Rodger showed me around his ride.

Rodger talked about how the car was original when he got it 10 years ago. He put on dual carbs and a split exhaust manifold. After putting the attention into the engine, it died on him. Not being discouraged for long, he then started the modifications.

The engine was replaced with a Chevy 350 mated to a TH350 transmission. The rear end is out of a 1978 Monte Carlo. The rest of the suspension and the brakes are stock.The American Racing style rims and 205/75 14 tires were added.

There are well done body modifications all around the car. In the front the headlights are Frenched with Tri-bar blue dot headlights. On the sides the body has been shaved and smoothed. No door handles or trim. Even the gas fill door has been smoothed away. The door mirrors are from the same Monte Carlo as the rear end. In the back the trunk handle, license plate holder, license plate lights and stock taillights have all also been smoothed away. 1980s' Cadillac taillights have been recessed, and installed horizontal into the back panel.

I look forward to seeing this wonderful car as Rodger continues his fine work on it.

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